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Yay! My suspense novel, ‘What If I Go?’ is safely on its way to another happy reader. Thanks for taking part in my book giveaway.

Also, there are still free PDF’s available for reviewers. Just ask, I’ll sort it.

Trusting that the springlike fine weather is fast upon us. I’m enjoying chocolate so much recently that what-if-i-go-001-1salad days are looming…

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Happy Easter!

Okay! I admit that there were definitely chocolate eggs on this humming-bird cake. Not in the original recipe…However, the pineapple banana and pecans were so good for me. And I took the chocolate off my piece but so enjoyed the rest.

Needless to say, I had considerable help from the family to keep me from falling into the chocolate chomping trap.

Trusting that you can share such a feast over the holiday. With chocolate or without?


A New Adult Book Review

Another Amazon review of ‘What If I Go?’ is in. Phew!

Five stars worthy of six

The worthy of Six stars part was humbling…

Polly White has created a masterpiece capturing the loss of innocence in a violent world of gangs, drugs and the degradation that encompasses the protagonist’s life as she arrives in the UK from Romania. Wanting a better life, love and education Grace mistakes gifts and attention for love and is lured into the seedy world of drugs and sexual exploitation, used and abused, basically trapped. Grace carries a diary that is her ‘friend’ and allay that saves the day. I have given What If I Go five stars as Polly White has tackled a sensitive & emotive subject that hooks the reader from the outset and is a page turner that takes one through the trials and tribulations of Grace’s life. A good read and highly recommended.

Am happy:)

Thrilling Author Hour Contents

No worries!

You can still read all about it here:

We talked a bit more about plotting and planning. Then we discussed resolutions and POV in more detail. Go here for more empowering books, especially for students.

Author Hour Invitation


It’s tomorrow! You are cordially invited to find some more about forming MAIN characters and alternating POINT OF VIEW used in this debut novel.


Join me reflecting upon the writing of suspense novel, What If I Go? There maybe something new about the writing process, even for late attenders.The time is eastern-USA that equates to 3-4 in the afternoon, in the UK.

Readers are welcome to consider continuing further than the first four chapters, that are up on Amazon for free.

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Book Review- New Adult Suspense

Here’s ‘What If I Go’s’ first review. Thanks go to Kiss Carson.

What If I Go by Polly J White is a coming of age story of a Bucharest teenager sent to the UK for a better education, a better chance at work, basically for a better life. From the moment Grace sets foot on Birmingham ground, her life takes a turn for the worse and, really, doesn’t get any better. Author Polly J White has weaved a very real story of innocence destroyed which draws the reader into Grace’s dystopian reality.

Wonderfully written from the point of view of a down trodden teenager, who – really – never gives up on a better life, even after her best friend turns her back on her, and her one and only love shatters her, body and soul. This story is not for the faint hearted, but for lovers of fiction that is so close to real life that you know this betrayal of innocence and trust really is happening, right now.

Polly J White has captured the angst of youth, along with the ruin of young virtue, and the total annihilation of faith perfectly. Be prepared for an emotional read, and to live a life of child exploitation through the eyes of an author who you would swear had lived through it.

What If I Go is a very real read which I enjoyed immensely.

For more about Kiss please go to

PS. No spoilers here… but there is always hope. Read more than the first four free chapters on Amazon to find out whether there can be a happy ending after such trauma.

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Reviewers R Reading!

This is where my What If I Go? reviews are heading, soon…

I am so excited. Thanks to all those busy reading. Those who bought the paperback as it’s more their thing, I am most grateful for your comittment to the task.



Author Hour

Next week, I’m taking part in the Mystery Thriller Week Author Hour

Tuesday 10-11 USA (3-4 UK)

Ask away about holding my protagonist’s hand and the importance of a character profile.

What do readers like to find out about the protagonist straight away?

Any early tips can be requested here.

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