Happy Summer Solstice!

My first book called ” WHAT IF I GO?” is published by #Solstice Publishing. See here myBook.to/pollyjwhite

US Publishers seem to address real life, current issues with less hesitancy.

I hope to attract a publisher for my new book soon. Do you know any brave publishers who don’t mind tackling truths? Get back to me, please?



#Beta #Readers Required

It’s so exciting to seek an audience of diligent readers, once more.

You’re the first to know, I’m writing on a new book. If you liked ‘What If I Go?’ then please request a PDF copy of my latest work-in-progress. If you haven’t yet read my debut thriller for New Adults, then I can arrange for a cut-priced copy to be sent your way. That is to check you can tolerate my accessible style of writing. Just ask.

This new work would suit young adults, too. There are serious moments in this coming-of-age book but it’s lighter than the last! Without spoilers, the story is an alternate history.

Please, send questions if you so wish. Happy holiday reading.


A heartfelt memoir from a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

Recently, I read this upsetting, real-life account of child sexual exploitation, grooming and violence within the family. The survival story relates back to many years ago but informs us of resilience beyond imagination.

I reviewed ‘You Shall Bear Witness’ here on Goodreads.


Check out Erin Fado for yourself who has her powerful memoir available to download here-


An inspirational extract from ‘You Shall Bear Witness’-

“Each day achieved is a battle won and is to be celebrated” What a fabulous mantra!

Continued well-being and success to Erin.

Amazon review here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PZ1PK65/ref=pe_1572281_66412651_cm_rv_eml_rv0_dp

A Little Tasty Pick-me-up?

Do you ever think I’m happy but sad when one thing finishes? Then, I’m both excited but terrified at the thought of the next project beginning. That could just be me when other writing is still waiting to reach an audience. My next challenge is to write an inspirational song. That should be fun!

Then, I bake to cheer myself up and to stop the worrying. Or is that to prevent putting pen to paper? Umm.

Don’t worry! This Sicilian lemon cake with pecans is for sharing with my family…

I’ll just have a small slither, I promise. Then, we’ll go for a jog.

Enjoy the bank holiday!  I suppose you’ll treat yourself to something much more healthy.

Whatever! Have fun.



New Play raises awareness of domestic abuse

Partition and Partying; Breaking Up and Breaking Free. 

A series of staged readings of four striking short plays by newly discovered East Midlands female writers of South Asian descent, as part of Kali Theatre‘s DISCOVERY programme. This was at the Curve Theatre, Leicester last week.

The play “Risk” by Farhana Shaikh succinctly unpeeled domestic abuse tales from a front room with the social worker. There was an ending that I didn’t expect. It was a shocker that had to be told. She is from Dahlia Publishing if you want to grab a copy of the play.

I wonder if we will see more of this?

A Hope-Filled New Year!

Wishing you all a peaceful and hope-filled New Year!

Here’s to new beginnings. I’m waiting for my first book review from Australia where they are having an almighty heat wave.

Thinking of the lonely, sad or uncomfortable and trusting for a better 2019!

Keep reading. A book can be a best friend.

Love Polly

selective focus photography of sparkler
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Literary Success- film chances?

Yay! My Festival interview by Matthew Toffolo has been promoted to one of the best NEW stories of the month! Thank-you.

Film rights to raise awareness of women’s exploitation are quite another matter. Aren’t they? I’m thinking…

Who could be interested in going to see an empowering film lifting the lid on grooming? #me2

Post Christmas Blues!

When the continued climb seems difficult and beyond our own strength…There’s nothing like reading to encourage us to write. At present, I am reading poetry by TS Elliot. What with the snow and cabin fever setting in and all!

That may sound heavy but it fits in with this time of year, really! See or hear ‘The  Journey of the Magi’ on Google, to join me. I think it infers that to see beyond we need to keep looking upwards.

When I think I have it not so easy, this poetry is levelling. It works for me.20180114_114115

Also, getting by is easier with a friend up front. So let us hold on tight!

Author Hall of Fame

It’s great to collaborate on important reading material to empower the next generation.


Glad that the Story Reading Ape is out there to care about reaching student audiences. If you know a new student arm them with a novel to keep them up to date & safe.

Previous reviewers say-


We all  can get by with a little help from our friends!cat