Trusting for peace and joy this Easter. Be blessed!

Remember that chocolate treats are the reward of fasting and sacrifice.

Enjoy the contemplation of the holiday.




A Book Review from the Frontline- Fighting for a Future

What If I Go? New Adult Thriller Novel Review
Below is the most authentic kind of review- the type every writer values. It is an honest reflection of the book, for which I’m most grateful. Despite surviving child sexual abuse, Erin bravely raises awareness with boldness. I am grateful to her. The blog can be seen here-
‘I have read about half your book but am afraid I can go no further as it is too triggering for me. Here is my review which I am sure relates to the overall book.
What if I Go? is a well-crafted book written by Polly White which follows the journey of Grace Negrescu from Romania to the UK. She finds herself caught up in an abusive situation way beyond her control. The scenes describing the abuse are raw and evocative painting the underworld in its’ true light.
Grace meets a worker at the Centre called Joe who gives her faith back by helping her find her way through justice. Faith becomes a pivotal part of Grace’s life.
As Polly, herself says this is a cautionary tale for older teens, parents, anyone who’s questioned how innocent students from good families are so easily sucked into the sleazy underworld.
I highly recommend this gripping book. It is a true page-turner.
Thanks for sending the book to me. It was an honour to read it and I’m sorry I couldn’t finish it. Maybe I will one day but that time is not right of me now.’
By Erin Fado @youwillbearwitness

New Play raises awareness of domestic abuse

Partition and Partying; Breaking Up and Breaking Free. 

A series of staged readings of four striking short plays by newly discovered East Midlands female writers of South Asian descent, as part of Kali Theatre‘s DISCOVERY programme. This was at the Curve Theatre, Leicester last week.

The play “Risk” by Farhana Shaikh succinctly unpeeled domestic abuse tales from a front room with the social worker. There was an ending that I didn’t expect. It was a shocker that had to be told. She is from Dahlia Publishing if you want to grab a copy of the play.

I wonder if we will see more of this?

Still Waiting?

Why do we always want to speed up the waiting process?

In my opinion, patience is definitely a virtue. Be encouraged.

In the meantime, let’s not expect the worst but agree that all good things come to those who wait…

From Lamentations 3:25 “The LORD is good to those who wait for him,
to the soul who seeks him.”

Be Happy this Valentines Day!

Dear Readers.

If you are alone this Valentine’s Day, that’s okay. Please, don’t be bamboozled by all the retail hype to get talked into a rubbish date. Why not treat yourself to a good time anyway with mates? Remember that you are worth it!

You could not curl up with a good book or film instead.

Then, this weekend or even next week will be less busy and better value for money to go out. The price of flowers gets inflated on Valentines and restaurants tend to give poor service. Have a cuppa T with me.Arts help your soul



Literary Success- film chances?

Yay! My Festival interview by Matthew Toffolo has been promoted to one of the best NEW stories of the month! Thank-you.

Film rights to raise awareness of women’s exploitation are quite another matter. Aren’t they? I’m thinking…

Who could be interested in going to see an empowering film lifting the lid on grooming? #me2

Book Showcased @NovelFest

Novel Transcript Reading of WHAT IF I GO? by Polly White

Huge thanks go to Wildsound for hosting an extract from my manuscript, as part of their Novel Festival. Special appreciation goes to actor Kate Fenton.

Here, I’m raising awareness of how a vulnerable student gets taken in by an exploitative predator. This extract shows the grooming of a fifteen-year-old girl. Beware of the last violent scene!

Please help me give a heads up, send the link to Freshers and college students so they don’t fall prey to gangs.


Novel Research

This was in the Times today about taxi drivers in Birmingham. I feel that my research was accurate, I’m sorry to say.-

Taxi scandal: criminal culture in the Birmingham cab trade


Let’s be wise and spread the word to save others falling prey to criminal subculture.

Check out my authentic novel here http://amzn.to/2zD33rT