A Book Review from the Frontline- Fighting for a Future

What If I Go? New Adult Thriller Novel Review
Below is the most authentic kind of review- the type every writer values. It is an honest reflection of the book, for which I’m most grateful. Despite surviving child sexual abuse, Erin bravely raises awareness with boldness. I am grateful to her. The blog can be seen here-
‘I have read about half your book but am afraid I can go no further as it is too triggering for me. Here is my review which I am sure relates to the overall book.
What if I Go? is a well-crafted book written by Polly White which follows the journey of Grace Negrescu from Romania to the UK. She finds herself caught up in an abusive situation way beyond her control. The scenes describing the abuse are raw and evocative painting the underworld in its’ true light.
Grace meets a worker at the Centre called Joe who gives her faith back by helping her find her way through justice. Faith becomes a pivotal part of Grace’s life.
As Polly, herself says this is a cautionary tale for older teens, parents, anyone who’s questioned how innocent students from good families are so easily sucked into the sleazy underworld.
I highly recommend this gripping book. It is a true page-turner.
Thanks for sending the book to me. It was an honour to read it and I’m sorry I couldn’t finish it. Maybe I will one day but that time is not right of me now.’
By Erin Fado @youwillbearwitness

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A New Adult Book Review

Another Amazon review of ‘What If I Go?’ is in. Phew!

Five stars worthy of six

The worthy of Six stars part was humbling…

Polly White has created a masterpiece capturing the loss of innocence in a violent world of gangs, drugs and the degradation that encompasses the protagonist’s life as she arrives in the UK from Romania. Wanting a better life, love and education Grace mistakes gifts and attention for love and is lured into the seedy world of drugs and sexual exploitation, used and abused, basically trapped. Grace carries a diary that is her ‘friend’ and allay that saves the day. I have given What If I Go five stars as Polly White has tackled a sensitive & emotive subject that hooks the reader from the outset and is a page turner that takes one through the trials and tribulations of Grace’s life. A good read and highly recommended.

Am happy:)

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